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Monday, October 22

1:15pm CDT

Shifting Demographics & Medicare
We’ve all seen the impact of Boomers as they transition through life stages.  Suburban living, schools, colleges and workplaces reflected the influx of the boomer wave decade after decade.  Boomers have changed the way the US works, and plays, more than any other generation… and now they’re moving to retirement.  Just a few decades ago, turning 65 meant earning a gold watch, a pension, Social Security and Medicare benefits.   But, times have changed, and today’s seniors are redefining retirement, healthcare and growing old.

Join Sue and George for perspective on this shifting dynamic, and ways companies marketing products and services to boomers can be ready for them as they cross these life thresholds.
  • Retirement readiness – financial and emotional
  • Un-retirement – staying active & employed
  • Aging in to Medicare – not just at 65

avatar for George Dippel

George Dippel

SVP, Deft Research
George Dippel is a graduate of Auburn University and spent the first 12 years of his career with Procter & Gamble at P & G’s renowned Healthcare Consumer Institute.  While there George studied the healthcare consumer across all aspects of care delivery and used those insights to... Read More →
avatar for Sue Doyle-Conover

Sue Doyle-Conover

Manager/Consumer Insights, Aetna
Sue Doyle-Conover is an MBA graduate of Xavier University in Cincinnati, where she is also an occasional adjunct professor.  Sue started her career on the vendor side of research, tackling operational areas from managing phone center teams to data tabulation and analysis, with a... Read More →

Monday October 22, 2018 1:15pm - 2:00pm CDT
Royal Room D

2:00pm CDT

Journey to a Digital Future - From Instant Underwriting to Digital Service
In this session, Jackie Morales, the COO of L&G America and Tom Scales, practice lead, Celent, will have a conversation about the progress in digitization of the Life insurance industry. Their topics will range as broadly as direct to consumer sales, to one hour underwriting, to changing the way service is delivered. Questions are encouraged. Expect a free flowing conversation across a broad range of topics.

avatar for Jacquline L. Morales

Jacquline L. Morales

Chief Insurance Officer, Bestow
Jacquline Morales is the Chief Insurance Officer of Bestow, a leading life insurance technology company democratizing access to innovative financial solutions.  She is a two-time graduate of Southern Methodist University, with an undergraduate degree in Humanities and an MBA with... Read More →
avatar for Tom Scales

Tom Scales

Head, America's Life and Health, Celent
Tom leads the America’s Life and Annuity practice. His research focuses on operational best practices, real-world case studies and the application of vendor technology. His particular passion is to challenge life insurers to move faster in innovation as well as operational and IT... Read More →

Monday October 22, 2018 2:00pm - 2:45pm CDT
Royal Room D

3:30pm CDT

Using IntelliGage Competitive Market Playbooks (ICMP) to Accelerate Competitive Advantage
  • Learn how the ICMP is constructed, by understanding the full range, and diverse types of chapters and subchapters that can become the foundational anchor, quantitative/qualitative, internal/external information/metrics that can be included, and appreciate the marriage of the hard and soft sciences deployed.
  • Appreciate how you can gain an intimate understanding of the mindset of your market and competitors, examine your own tendencies and actions, and understand how the playbook increases your ability to out think and out plan competition. Each chapter/sub-chapter, level of information that is assembled, focused on revealing the range of opportunities available to you, and inform business planning, enabling decision-makers to integrate internal/external attributes to optimize decisions, and resource allocation.
  • Understand how the CI professional can leverage the ICMP process to become regarded as an integrator of cross-functional communication and planning.
  • Understand how evergreen updating, a dynamic and nimble playbook, alternatives/ contingencies, allow you to stay ahead of your market competition.
  • You can create and drive the rules of engagement. You become the integrator of the market stakeholders. A powerful leadership platform, and commercially attractive, business results enhancing position to own.

avatar for Carl B. Derenfeld

Carl B. Derenfeld

VP Strategic Solutions, MedSphere Corp
Carl provides a 360-degree global perspective of the healthcare and life sciences ecosystem, integrating analysis, decision-making, strategy, architecture, implementation, measurement, adjustment, focusing on asset maximization, lifecycle management, resource allocation, priority... Read More →

Monday October 22, 2018 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Royal Room D

4:15pm CDT

Digital Insurance Product Development – Ideas Launched in Months not Years
In this session, RGAx, together with their partners will present a case study on how they used an Agile methodology to launch a new direct to consumer insurance product.

avatar for Farron Blanc

Farron Blanc

Vice President, Innovation Studio, Greenhouse Insurance
Farron Blanc is Vice President, Innovation Studio at RGAx, Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated’s wholly owned innovation incubator.His broad expertise in global product development, market entry strategies, banc assurance and more derive from his insurance industry experience... Read More →
avatar for Shiela Companie

Shiela Companie

Vice President & Chief Life Actuary, Amica Life
Shiela Companie is Vice President and Chief Life Actuary of Amica Life Insurance Company, headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island.  In this role, she has overall responsibility for maintaining the financial stability of the company, driving performance against strategic objectives... Read More →

Monday October 22, 2018 4:15pm - 5:00pm CDT
Royal Room D
Tuesday, October 23

1:15pm CDT

Being a Health Advisor in 2018 – A Broker’s Perspective on Providing Financial Security
Health insurance is a complex and confusing topic, and benefit options are constantly changing for consumers looking to provide coverage for their family needs.   Building on a high trust relationship with our members, USAA strives to provide personalized advice and a wide range of benefit choices aimed at protecting our member’s financial security.  In an industry that is rapidly changing, success is dependent on enabling the right choices within a digital and mobile shopping experience built through partnerships across multiple competing carriers.

avatar for Grant Hoffman

Grant Hoffman

President and General Manager - Medicare Business Unit, CONNECTURE, INC.
Grant joined Connecture in 2014 and as President and General Manager of the Medicare Business Unit (formerly DRX), his team empowers customers with technology that makes choosing healthcare coverage simpler.  Grant's 24 years of healthcare technology experience spans management consulting... Read More →
avatar for Christopher Scott Smith

Christopher Scott Smith

VP, Product Line Leader, USAA
Chris joined USAA in 2014 as Vice President, Health Solutions, and is responsible for leading the collaborative effort to develop, deliver and manage health insurance products which help protect the financial lives of our military members and their families.Chris completed his undergraduate... Read More →

Tuesday October 23, 2018 1:15pm - 2:00pm CDT
Royal Room D

2:00pm CDT

Building the Next Gen Win-Loss Programs: Fostering Collaboration & Accountability
In the “old days”, the single purpose of Win-Loss programs was to increase the rate of winning new business. Often done in silos, with limited action items and accountability, the success rate was nominal. In today’s competitive customer-driven market, newer programs must be broad and align across many functions with clear goals, action items and accountability. Win-Loss programs designed to capture VOC must be a core component to drive innovation, product management, marketing and sales. This session will review an older Win-Loss program with limited results and a newer flexible program with a higher success rate in business transformation.
·        Build a modern VOC-driven Win-Loss program with HIGH visibility
·        Foster collaboration & accountability across functions – Innovation, Product Management, Marketing, Sales, Competitive Intelligence & Market Research
·        Connect dots across all pockets of intelligence
·        Develop tangible, executable action items and success metrics

avatar for Jennifer Pipia

Jennifer Pipia

Head of Industry Intelligence, MassMutual
Jenn is the Head of Industry Intelligence at MassMutual responsible for delivering strategic and tactical insights for both Individual and Workplace Solutions.Prior to MassMutual in 2012, Jenn held similar Intelligence positions at both TIAA and Merrill Lynch. She started her career... Read More →

Tuesday October 23, 2018 2:00pm - 2:45pm CDT
Royal Room D

3:30pm CDT

Agile Reinvention: Staying Current with Professional & Personal Skills Required to be an Insights Ninja
Have you ever been the victim of a ‘reduction in force’ (RIF), or reorganization, where you absolutely loved your role and the organization you worked for, and there wasn’t anything you could do to change your unfortunate circumstance? Have you ever wondered, what more could I have done to either enhance my skills closer to the point of indispensability, or attach myself to such a critical outcome in the organization that would make you immune to this all-too-often outcome in “Corporate America”?

If you’ve ever struggled with any of these questions, or many others that might be related to it, join two industry professionals – Karen Kaluzsa of Cigna and Derek Johnson of Aurora WDC – for this session at SIR that will have something for everyone, regardless of the style of insurance products (health, life, commercial, etc.) you may support. In this session, learn about how Karen’s journey – as a classically-trained librarian for a top management consulting agency, with a background in law, and knowing very little about the actual industry of Health Insurance – required an agile reinvention of her core industry skillset to make a hard pivot to an industry she has come to love. Moderated by Derek, who also reinvented himself over 15 years ago from a promising career in the Investment Management arena to an industry he really knew nothing about, this duo will light-heartedly confront a wide variety of skills (professional and personal) that are part and parcel to becoming an Insights Ninja.

avatar for Karen Kaluzsa, MLS, JD

Karen Kaluzsa, MLS, JD

Market Insights Senior Specialist, Cigna
Karen has been a member of Cigna's Marketing Competitive Intelligence Center of Excellence since March 2017, where she is responsible for training, responding to ad hoc research requests, working with vendors to expand Cigna's relationships and access to information, and coordinating... Read More →
avatar for Derek Johnson

Derek Johnson

CEO, Aurora WDC
As Chief Executive Officer of Aurora WDC, Derek invests most of his time guiding the overall strategy of the business and directing the firm’s external consulting opportunities with clients. Before this promotion in March 2010, he served the prior seven years as Chief Operating... Read More →

Tuesday October 23, 2018 3:30pm - 4:15pm CDT
Royal Room D

4:15pm CDT

Designing Magical Moments
The most memorable moments in life are the best, the worst, and last moments of an experience. Most of the in-between gets forgotten. In most businesses, especially service-based ones, magical moments happen. Someone goes the extra mile to make a person feel extra special on the other end. But, why wait for chance to make these experiences happen…plan for them.

Magical moments are genuine interactions with customers that bring unexpected value in a moment and draw them emotionally closer to your company. Through the use of a variety of research methods, including journey mapping, empathy mapping, ethnography, qualitative sessions, and design thinking, customer experience plans are designed to inspire and enable employees to create magical moments for customers. When systems or processes are difficult to fix and cause pain points, consider magical moments.  When tough and exceptionally great conversations are happening with customers, consider magical moments. Using research to anticipate and guide purposeful plans requires a little science, a little creativity, and a lot of heart.

avatar for Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark

AVP Experience Strategy, Western & Southern Financial Group
Andrea brings years of experience in putting the heart of customers at the heart of business. Recognizing the power of relationships that are often underdeveloped with companies and services, Andrea has recently joined Western & Southern Financial Group to lead a new Customer Experience... Read More →
avatar for Mike Ellison

Mike Ellison

CEO, Corporate Insight
Michael Ellison is President of Corporate Insight, Inc., which specializes in market research and competitive analysis for the financial services industry. The firm was founded in the early '90s to address the competitive research needs of marketing executives in the financial services... Read More →

Tuesday October 23, 2018 4:15pm - 5:00pm CDT
Royal Room D